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Sits beside me on the couch. He wraps his arms around me and holds me tightly while I sob and break down. Are you alright, sweetheart? he asks me tenderly and pushes my hair out of xxx my eyes. He adult sex pics adult pictures gently images rubs my back and makes cooing sounds and begins to rock me slowly. There, there, now, Annie, it's alright, he says. You're okay and everything is going to be okay. I look up at him and he's smiling. You're not really drunk, are you? I ask.

No, he says, just worried about you. I'm okay now, I say. Cheryl is lying still on the rug. I can't even see her breathing. Are you sure I didn't kill her? I ask. adult sex pics Yes, she's adult picz okay, I just knocked her out, he says. How can you be sure? I ask. I shot her. Ask for that jerk brother of mine.

No, Annie, you didn't hit her, he says. How do you know? I ask. We need to check. No we don't, Annie, he says. How do you know xxx I didn't shoot her? I don't see any blood, but maybe she's lying on the bullet hole. Trust me, Annie, you didn't shoot her, he says. How can you be so sure? I ask. Because the bullet hit me, Annie, he says and squeezes me tightly.

WHAT! sex pics I shriek. I pull away from him and look at the red stain spreading across the front of his shirt. sex There's blood on my blouse and leaking onto my couch. I feel nauseous and faint. It's okay, he says. Looks worse than it is. I lay him back on the couch and say, Oh, my God, Luther, don't die. He chuckles and says, I'm not going to die, but I think you should call the cops.